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Pool Subset "D" Contains 22 Domains Available for Branded Identities

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DomainComm'nClassification DA DescriptionCategoriesGeo
dad.tel0%Vanity8.6Dad stuff and resourcesPersonal 0 Lease
dc.tel0%Geo5.7DC 0
ddi.tel75%Short0? 0
decks.tel50%YP6.3Deck servicesServices House & Home Y0 Lease
defenseattorney.tel50%Job15defense attorney directoryLegal Y0 Lease
dek.tel75%Short0? 0
dental.tel50%YP29Dental Directory, Resources and IdentitiesMedical Y0 Lease
dentists.tel0%YP28.2Dentists directoryMedical 0 Lease
derry.tel50%Geo0Derry Mobile Phone DirectoryDirectory N0 Lease
diamonds.tel50%YP15.6Diamonds DirectoryFashion Y0 Lease
diana.tel0%Name6.3First name dianaNames Personal People0
dkt.tel75%Short0? 0
dog.tel0%Service0Dog resources ..Pets & Animals 0
dogseatcover.tel0%Product1dog seat coversPets & Animals 0
donegal.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
down.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
drivinginstructor.tel50%YP9.5Driving instructorAutomotive Education 0 Lease
drogheda.tel50%Geo0Drogheda Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
dtz.tel75%Short0? 0
dui.tel50%YP22.7DUI LawyersLegal Y0 Lease
dundalk.tel50%Geo0Dundalk Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
durham.tel0%Geo7.8Durham RegionGeo 0

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