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Pool Subset "F" Contains 17 Domains Available for Branded Identities

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DomainComm'nClassification DA DescriptionCategoriesGeo
facatativa.tel75%Geo0? Y0
familydoctor.tel50%Job28.4family doctorMedical Y0 Lease
fashions.tel50%YP6.6Fashions retail etcFashion Y0 Lease
fermanagh.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
festivals.tel0%Community0? 0 Lease
financials.tel50%YP12financial servicesFinance & Investment Y0 Lease
firearms.tel50%YP9.5firearms resourcesProducts Y0 Lease
fitness.tel0%Service0? 0
flores.tel75%Product0? 0
florida.tel50%Geo23.3Florida ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
florist.tel50%YP29.6Florist premium nameRetail 0 Lease
footwear.tel50%YP17.4Directory of shoes boots footwear resourcesFashion Retail Y0 Lease
fortuneemail.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
francis.tel50%Name13.7Francis IdentitesNames N0 Lease
fsa.tel75%Short0? 0
funza.tel75%Geo0? Y0
fusagasuga.tel75%Geo0? Y0

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