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Pool Subset "L" Contains 21 Domains Available for Branded Identities

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DomainComm'nClassification DA DescriptionCategoriesGeo
landscaper.tel50%Job15.7LandscaperLawn & Garden People Y0 Lease
landscaping.tel50%YP7.5Landscaping DirectoryServices House & Home Y0 Lease
laois.tel0%Geo0Laois Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business 0 Lease
lawncare.tel50%YP18.3A healthy lawn is the best defense against insect damage. Regular maintenance - mowing and morning watering will help keep your lawn strong and healthy.House & Home Y0 Lease
lawpractice.tel50%YP14.6Local Law PracticeLegal Y0 Lease
lcbo.tel25%YP36.1LcboRetail N0 Lease
ldn.tel50%Geo16.9London Identities Directory.Geographic 0 Lease
legalpot.tel0%Product20.4Legal MarijuanaServices 0 Lease
leitrim.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
lessons.tel50%Dictionary10.4Local Lessons Resource and Business Service IdentitiesPersonal Services Y0 Lease
libra.tel50%Community7.8Libra Zodiac IdentityPeople N0 Lease
lifeinsurance.tel0%YP6.3Life InsuranceFinance & Investment 0 Lease
limos.tel50%YP24.4limousine serviceAutomotive Services Y0 Lease
livechat.tel75%YP0? 0 Lease
liz.tel0%Name10.3Elizabeth first name LIZPeople Names Personal0
locked.tel50%Dictionary10Lock Services Directory.Services 0 Lease
locksmith.tel0%Service0? 0
longford.tel50%Geo0Longford Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
louisiana.tel50%Geo25.5Louisiana ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
louth.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
lucy.tel0%Name15.2Lucy Directory.Names 0

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