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Pool Subset "S" Contains 37 Domains Available for Branded Identities

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DomainComm'nClassification DA DescriptionCategoriesGeo
safari.tel0%Service0? 0
sagittarius.tel50%Community9Sagittarius IdentitiesPeople N0 Lease
salons.tel0%Service6.6Salons directoryRetail 0
santas.tel50%Job22.1SantasNames People Y0 Lease
sarnia.tel50%Geo27.5Sarnia Directory and IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
saskatchewan.tel50%Geo26.6Saskatchewan Directory and IdentitiesGeographic 0 Lease
scorpio.tel50%Community9Scorpio identitiesPersonal N0 Lease
seafood.tel75%YP0? Y0 Lease
securityalarms.tel50%YP14.2Security AlarmsProducts Y0 Lease
securitycameras.tel50%YP23.5SecuritycamerasProducts Y0 Lease
securitysystems.tel50%YP8Security SystemsServices Y0 Lease
seoexpert.tel50%YP6.6SEO expertsComputers Business CommunicationsY0 Lease
sf.tel50%Geo22.1Sanfranciso identitiesGeographic 0 Lease
shao.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
sharon.tel0%Name10.6? 0
shipments.tel50%YP11.3local and global shipping Services Y0 Lease
shoe.tel50%YP14.1Shoe Resources and Services Directory Y0 Lease
shoes.tel0%YP16.1Local Shoe StoresShopping 0 Lease
shoppers.tel50%Community10.8Shoppers resource Y0 Lease
shuo.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
signs.tel50%YP22.4signs resourcesCorporate/Company Site Services Y0 Lease
snowremoval.tel50%YP21.4Local Snow Removal Services and Snow Plowing Contractors Y0 Lease
sogamoso.tel75%Geo0? 0
solarenergy.tel75%YP0? 0
sold.tel50%Slogan15.1Sold Real Estate BrandReal Estate Y0 Lease
solicitor.tel75%YP0? 0 Lease
solutions.tel50%Dictionary27.1.Tel SMB solutionsServices Y0
southdakota.tel0%Geo0? 0
sqs.tel75%Short0? 0
ssd.tel75%Short0? 0
stcatharines.tel50%Geo29.3St Catharines Ontario Directory and IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
stjohns.tel0%Geo6.6St John's NfldGeographic 0 Lease
stouffville.tel0%Geo0? 0 Lease
students.tel50%Name13.5student resourcesEducation Y0 Lease
sushi.tel0%Service0? 0
swimmingpools.tel50%YP7.7Swimming Pools Directory.House & Home Y0 Lease
swords.tel50%Dictionary0? N0 Lease

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