Personalized Email Addresses
through Memorable .TEL Domains

Terms of Service is owned and operated by TelMasters Inc. (TMI) with the same Terms of Service. TMI provides an email forwarding service (SERVICE).

For Owners of .Tel Domains:

TMI provides an email management service only to owners of .Tel domains. Purchasers of identity services lease email identities under the Terms and Conditions offered by owners of .Tel domains. TMI does not warrant this service.

more ... As the domain owner, you must provide your own terms of service. When an end user purchases an identity, our system will determine the price based on your pricing matrix. The intersection of the user prefix intersected with your domain classification sets the price. Purchases will go into your PayPal account and credits will be deducted from your TELidentity account. The number of credits needed is based on 10% of your price. Minimum 1 credit, maximum 5 credits. Your account must contain sufficient credits for an end user to purchase an identity lease. Our system will manage renewals including sending reminder emails to end users.

You are responsible for maintaining sufficient credits to allow your end users to use our SERVICE. Your purchase of credits goes towards us maintaining the SERVICE. You must prepay credits, although one grace is allowed. Bulk pricing yields best value. Credits do not expire. If sold through another owner, you will owe that person their commission, however, please note that we only record, but do not collect or enforce commissions and so payments are based on trust. Credits facilitate access to the email server.


If you are leasing an email identity, your provider is the the entity from whom you are leasing an email identity and they are responsible for providing you with their Terms of Service. TMI is not responsible for the conditions under which you are leasing their identity service. TMI is responsible for providing email forwarding through our SERVICE, providing your account is in good standing and following our Terms of Service.

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