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Looking for a great email address to hide your unprofessional one ?
First impressions count in business. Never promote your business with a common generic address like No changes needed. Just forward our email to your current email.

Use one of our myriad email identity formats           (Examples)
Region @ Product Canada @      
Business @ Region Delis @      
Services @ AreaCode Gyms @      
Firstname @ LastNametom @      

Lease your simple, representative and memorable identity from the Pool.

Do You Own a .TEL Domain?
If you own a .Tel domain name, you can monetize your domain by offering email identities to businesses and community members. Monetize your idle .Tel assets by leasing email identities on an annual basis. Not all domain names are suitable but those that are geographic, area codes, last names, jobs and certain products and services are perfect. Check our FAQ to learn more.

Offer Email Identities on your .Tel Domains
You set the annual price of your identities, while we manage the process. See our FAQ for examples. We handle all the processes including PayPal on your behalf. You get a management interface for all your domains and emails assigned. Read more about identities.
If you are not sure if your domain name is suitable, shoot us an email.

The Key to being found online from Adrian Snell (Telnic) on Vimeo.

  More email identities at the Email Asylum.

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