Personalized Email Addresses
through Memorable .TEL Domains

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need a personalized email address?

What are email Identities@Tel?

How do Identities@Tel work?

Why use .Tel for Identities@Tel?

How do I add my domains for @Identity email leasing?

What are the requirements for the .Tel domain owner?

How do I link to

What are the end-user requirements?

How to use an identity for branding?

Which domain names are ideal for Identities@Tel?

How does the leasing payment system work?

How do I prepare for leasing?

What are credits?

What is community affinity?

What's an email server?

How much can I make?

Can subdomains be used in Identities@Tel?

How do I share my domain?

How does a customer request an @Identity?

Will Identities@Tel work with Telnames domains?

Which domains qualify to lease Identities@Tel?

What terms of service should I provide?

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