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Pool Contains 612 Domains Available for Branded Identities

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DomainComm'nClassification DA DescriptionCategoriesGeo
00008.tel25%Vanity0? N0 Lease
0000880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0000888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0008000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
00088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
000888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0008888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0080.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
00800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0080800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
008800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0088088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
00888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0088800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
008888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0088880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0088888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0168.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
01680.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
058.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
06.tel25%Short21.2numeric doamins ...Personal 0 Lease
0688.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
08.tel75%Vanity0? 0
0800080.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
080080.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
08080.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
080808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0808080.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0808888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
08800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
088088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0880880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0880888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
08880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
088800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0888000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
08888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
088880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0888800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
088888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0888880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
0888888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
090909.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
094.tel50%Area Code0Mayo Area Code Directory N0 Lease
096.tel50%Area Code0Mayo Area CodeBusiness N0 Lease
101010.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
108.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
121212.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
131313.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
1328.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
15.tel75%Vanity0? 0
16.tel75%Vanity0? 0
1668.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
168168.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
18.tel75%YP0? 0 Lease
189.tel25%Short9.7189 lucky angel numberPersonal 0 Lease
226.tel50%Area Code27.5226 Directory.Geographic 1 Lease
26pluspromotions.tel0%Service19.1Pormotional GiftsBusiness 0 Lease
289.tel50%Area Code28.8Southern Ontario, Canada 289 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 289 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic 0 Lease
312.tel50%Area Code26.1Chicago Loop Area Code 312 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 300 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic 0 Lease
314.tel0%0? N0
328.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
333888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
3388.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
338899.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
3399.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
388.tel0%Area Code7.6388 888888888888888Personal 0
416.tel50%Area Code32.4Toronto Area Code 416 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 300 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic N0 Lease
4x4cars.tel0%0? N0
514.tel50%Area Code24.6Montreal Area Code 514 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 300 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic 0 Lease
516289.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
518.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
5189.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
519.tel50%Area Code29.3Western Ontario directoryDirectory N0 Lease
567.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
587.tel0%Area Code1? 0
588.tel0%Area Code1588 8888888888888888888Personal 0
5918.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
604.tel50%Geo12.4Vancouver Area CodeGeographic 0 Lease
613.tel50%Area Code29Ottawa Area Code 613 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 300 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic 0 Lease
647.tel50%Area Code33.9Toronto and GTA directoryDirectory N0 Lease
666888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
6688.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
668888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
6688888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
668899.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
678.tel50%Area Code10.4Atlanta Area Code 678Community 0 Lease
6789.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
68.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
6868.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
686868.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
6888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
705.tel50%Area Code26.9Ontario Area code 705Geographic N0 Lease
768.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
7777.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
7k.tel75%Vanity0? 0
80000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
80008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8008008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
80088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
800888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8008888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
80808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
808080.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8080808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
808088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8080880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8080888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
808808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8088088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
80888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8088808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
808888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8088880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8088888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
866.tel50%Area Code9.3Area Code 866 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 300 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic 0 Lease
8668.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8686.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
868686.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0
877.tel50%Area Code9.9Area Code 877 Directory. This is an exclusive listing of the approximately 300 generic services that make use of the brand on their trucks, signage and advertisements.Geographic 0 Lease
880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
88000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
880000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8800088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
88008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
880088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8800888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8808088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
88088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
880880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8808808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
880888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8808888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
883.tel0%Area Code7.78888888888888Informational 0
886.tel0%Area Code7.7cccccccccccccServices 0
8866.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
88800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
888000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8880000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8880088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
888088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8880888.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888.tel0%Vanity0Lucky NumberCommunications Personal 0 Lease
88880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
888800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888000.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888008.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
888808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888088.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888520.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
88888.tel0%Vanity0Lucky NumberCommunications Personal 0 Lease
888880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888800.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888808.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
888888.tel0%Vanity0Lucky NumberCommunications Personal 0 Lease
8888880.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
8888888.tel0%Vanity0Lucky NumberCommunications Personal 0 Lease
88888888.tel0%Vanity6.3Vanity domain for saleNames 0
8899.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
905.tel50%Area Code33.2Toronto and GTA directoryDirectory N0 Lease
9999.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
abonos.tel50%0? N0
accounting.tel25%YP16.5Accounting resourcesFinance & Investment 0 Lease
aga.tel75%Short0? 0
agriservices.tel50%YP0agricultural servicesFarming Directory BusinessN0 Lease
agua.tel75%Product0? 0
air.tel50%YP15.6Air conditioning, Air servicesServices Travel Y0 Lease
ajax.tel50%Geo23.1Ajax, Ontario DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
alabama.tel50%Geo26.9Alabama ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
allen.tel50%Name33.4personal namepersonal N0 Lease
aloha.tel50%Geo28.7Aloha Hawaii IdentityGeographic N0 Lease
anne.tel0%Name6.3Anne Directory.Names 0 Lease
antrim.tel50%Geo0Antrim Mobile Phone DirectoryDirectory Geographic N0 Lease
aquarius.tel50%Community8.8Aquarius Zodiac IdentityPersonal N0 Lease
aries.tel50%Community7.8Aries IdentitiesPersonal 0 Lease
arizona.tel50%Geo25.9Arizona ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
arkansas.tel0%Geo0? 0
arklow.tel0%Geo0Arklow Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business 0 Lease
armagh.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
army.tel75%Vanity0? 0
arriendos.tel75%Service0? 0
artist.tel50%Job13.9Artist DirectoryArts N0 Lease
arts.tel50%Vanity0Arts DirectoryDirectory Cultural N0 Lease
asadero.tel75%Service0restaurante de asados N0 Lease
athletic.tel50%Vanity0Athletic Clubs and Athletes IdentitiesSports & Fitness N0
athlone.tel50%Geo0Athlone Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
athy.tel0%Geo0Athy Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business 0
aua.tel75%Short0? 0
aurora.tel50%Geo35.1Directory for Aurora Ontario etcGeographic Directory 0 Lease
autocars.tel50%YP7.7Auto cars directoryAutomotive 0 Lease
autoinsurance.tel50%Service7.8Auto InsuranceFinance & Investment Y0 Lease
autoleasing.tel0%Service12.5Auto leasingAutomotive 0 Lease
automobile.tel0%YP6.3Autos and cars ...Automotive 0 Lease
autorepairs.tel50%YP16.3Auto Repairs DirectoryAutomotive Services Y0 Lease
avf.tel75%Short0? 0
baker.tel50%Name29.8personal namepersonal services jobN0 Lease
ballinasloe.tel0%Geo0Ballinasloe Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business 0
ballinrobe.tel50%Geo0?Directory Directory CommunityN0 Lease
ballyhaunis.tel50%Geo0Ballyhaunis Mobile Phone DirectoryDirectory N0 Lease
bandon.tel0%Geo0Bandon Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business 0 Lease
bars.tel0%Service0? 0
bath.tel50%Geo23.7Bath Resources, Directory and Identities Y0 Lease
bayviewconcierge.tel0%Service0Bayview conciergeServices 0 Lease
bbv.tel75%Short0? 0
beauty.tel50%YP26.6Beauty Brand and IdentitiesBeauty Y0 Lease
beers.tel50%YP13.2Nearest beer store locations. Y0 Lease
beijingrealestate.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
billings.tel50%Geo0Billings Mobile DirectoryBusiness N0
ble.tel0%Service1Bluetooth BLECommunications 0
bodegas.tel75%Service0? 0
boston.tel0%Geo0? 0
boulder.tel25%Geo10.5Boulder Colorado IdentitiesGeographic 0 Lease
brampton.tel50%Geo30.9brampton email indentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
brantford.tel50%Geo8Brantford ontarioGeographic 0 Lease
bray.tel50%Geo0Bray Mobile Phone DirectoryDirectory N0 Lease
bread.tel50%Dictionary0Bakeries and BakersFood & Dining N0
bristol.tel50%Geo25.4Bristol.telGeographic N0 Lease
britishcolumbia.tel0%Geo6.6BCGeo 0 Lease
brs.tel75%Short0? 0
bss.tel75%Short0? Y10
btg.tel75%Short0? 0
bugs.tel0%Service13.1Bugs DirectoryServices 0
burgers.tel50%YP13.3Local Burgers and Fast Food Y0 Lease
buses.tel75%Service0? 0
bustours.tel0%Service28.2Bustours sash ......Travel 0
cairo.tel50%Geo10.2Cairo Egypt Identity and DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
california.tel25%Geo11.7California brandGeographic 0 Lease
camera.tel50%Product16Camera Directory.Science & Technology 0 Lease
canadians.tel0%Community10.4Canadians DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
cancers.tel50%Service11.4Cancer identityPersonal 0 Lease
capricorn.tel50%Community9Capricorn IdentitiesPeople 0 Lease
career.tel50%Job31.1Local career resourcesJobs & Employment 0 Lease
careerpath.tel50%Job17.7Career Path for YvetteJobs & Employment N0 Lease
carros.tel75%Product0? 0
casas.tel75%Community0? 0 Lease
castelldefels.tel25%0Direcciones de CastelldefelsBusiness Communications ProductsY0 Lease
cats.tel50%YP9.6cats resourcesPets & Animals 0 Lease
cavan.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
cellworks.tel0%Service1Cellworks CommCommunications 0
chatham.tel50%Geo27.2chatham geo directoryGeographic Directory N0 Lease
cheese.tel50%Product0Cheese Makers DirectoryFood & Dining N0
childcare.tel0%Service5.6child care 0
chiropractors.tel0%Service1chiro 0
chou.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
claremorris.tel50%Geo0Claremorris Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0 Lease
cleaningservices.tel0%Service5.5Cleaning ServicesServices 0
clonmel.tel50%Geo0Clonmel Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0
clothes.tel0%YP16.3Clothes storesFashion 0 Lease
collingwood.tel50%Geo27.9Collingwood Ontario Directory and Business IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
cologne.tel0%Geo15.3Cologne GermanyGeographic 0 Lease
condos.tel0%Community17.9Condos Condos Condos Real Estate 0 Lease
connecticut.tel50%Geo26.7Connecticut ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
contractors.tel50%YP16.3Local ContractorsServices Y0 Lease
cooling.tel50%YP14CoolingVanity Y0 Lease
county.tel50%Geo0USA county identitiesBusiness Y0 Lease
couriers.tel0%Service0? 0
cpd.tel75%Short0? 0
crs.tel75%Short0? 0
cuban.tel50%Community7Cuban travel etcTravel 0 Lease
dad.tel0%Vanity8.6Dad stuff and resourcesPersonal 0 Lease
dc.tel0%Geo5.7DC 0
ddi.tel75%Short0? 0
decks.tel50%YP6.3Deck servicesServices House & Home Y0 Lease
defenseattorney.tel50%Job15defense attorney directoryLegal Y0 Lease
dek.tel75%Short0? 0
dental.tel50%YP29Dental Directory, Resources and IdentitiesMedical Y0 Lease
dentists.tel0%YP28.2Dentists directoryMedical 0 Lease
derry.tel50%Geo0Derry Mobile Phone DirectoryDirectory N0 Lease
diamonds.tel50%YP15.6Diamonds DirectoryFashion Y0 Lease
diana.tel0%Name6.3First name dianaNames Personal People0
dkt.tel75%Short0? 0
dog.tel0%Service0Dog resources ..Pets & Animals 0
dogseatcover.tel0%Product1dog seat coversPets & Animals 0
donegal.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
down.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
drivinginstructor.tel50%YP9.5Driving instructorAutomotive Education 0 Lease
drogheda.tel50%Geo0Drogheda Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
dtz.tel75%Short0? 0
dui.tel50%YP22.7DUI LawyersLegal Y0 Lease
dundalk.tel50%Geo0Dundalk Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
durham.tel0%Geo7.8Durham RegionGeo 0
ecobags.tel75%Product0? 0
ecotour.tel75%Service0? 0
egg.tel75%Product0? 0
electriccar.tel75%Product0? 0
energia.tel75%Service0? 0
ennis.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
estateplanner.tel50%Job16.6estate plannerFinance & Investment Y0 Lease
experts.tel50%YP9local expertsServices Directory Y0 Lease
eyecare.tel0%Service0? 0
ez.tel50%Short21.1EZ brand for local serviceCommunity Y0 Lease
facatativa.tel75%Geo0? Y0
familydoctor.tel50%Job28.4family doctorMedical Y0 Lease
fashions.tel50%YP6.6Fashions retail etcFashion Y0 Lease
fermanagh.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
festivals.tel0%Community0? 0 Lease
financials.tel50%YP12financial servicesFinance & Investment Y0 Lease
firearms.tel50%YP9.5firearms resourcesProducts Y0 Lease
fitness.tel0%Service0? 0
flores.tel75%Product0? 0
florida.tel50%Geo23.3Florida ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
florist.tel50%YP29.6Florist premium nameRetail 0 Lease
footwear.tel50%YP17.4Directory of shoes boots footwear resourcesFashion Retail Y0 Lease
fortuneemail.tel0%Vanity0? 0 Lease
francis.tel50%Name13.7Francis IdentitesNames N0 Lease
fsa.tel75%Short0? 0
funza.tel75%Geo0? Y0
fusagasuga.tel75%Geo0? Y0
gaa.tel50%Vanity0? N0 Lease
garage.tel50%YP9.1garage servicesAutomotive Services Y0 Lease
gemini.tel50%Name7.8Gemini Zodiac IdentityPersonal N0 Lease
georgetown.tel50%Geo28.2Georgetown DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
georgina.tel0%Geo7.8georgina directoryDirectory Geographic 0 Lease
giftshops.tel50%YP10.8Gift shopsShopping Y0 Lease
gnb.tel75%Short0? 0
gods.tel50%Dictionary12.8gods social identitySocial N0 Lease
gonzalez.tel30%Name0Apellido / LastnameDirectory People Personal7 Lease
greenenergy.tel75%YP0? 0
guelph.tel0%Geo1guelph 0
gymnastics.tel25%YP9.9gymnastics.telSports & Fitness 0 Lease
hamilton.tel50%Geo28.8Hamilton IdentitiesGeographic Y0 Lease
harry.tel0%Name6.3Harry DirectoryNames 0
hawaii.tel0%Geo0? 0
healthinsurance.tel0%YP8.8Health InsuranceFinance & Investment 0 Lease
heating.tel0%Service6.3HeatingServices 0
hg.tel75%Short0? 0
hgm.tel75%Short0? 0
hillary.tel0%Name1hillary first nameNames 0
homes.tel50%YP28Homes and Realtors DirectoryReal Estate Y0 Lease
horoscope.tel0%Vanity0? 0
hottubs.tel50%YP13.8Hottubs Resources and Services Directory Y0 Lease
housekeepers.tel50%YP29house keepersServices Y0 Lease
houston.tel0%Geo6.3Houston Texas IdentitiesGeographic 0
hq.tel50%Short10.7HeadquartersBusiness N0 Lease
huntsville.tel50%Geo28.2Huntsville IdentitiesGeographic 0 Lease
hvac.tel0%Service6.3HVAC resourcesServices 0 Lease
ideas.tel50%Dictionary21.4IdeasBusiness N0 Lease
incanada.tel50%Geo24.1In CanadaGeographic Y0 Lease
insuranceagency.tel50%YP7.8Insurance AgencyFinance & Investment Y0 Lease
insurancebrokers.tel25%Service11.2Insurance BrokersFinance & Investment 0 Lease
iow.tel50%Geo24.5Isle of WightGeographic 0 Lease
ire.tel50%Geo0Ireland IdentitiesBusiness N0
iss.tel75%Short0? 0
jewelry.tel50%YP23Jewelry ResourcesShopping 0 Lease
jkx.tel75%Short0? 0
johannesburg.tel0%Geo0? 0
joiner.tel75%Job0? Y0
jokes.tel0%Service9.4jokes jokes jokesEntertainment 0
joseph.tel0%Name15.4joseph first and last namePersonal 0
journalist.tel25%Job0Journalist DirectoryDirectory Education 0
judo.tel0%Service1judo 0
k9.tel50%Short28.9Canine vanityPets & Animals Y0 Lease
kauai.tel50%Geo28Kauai's diversity of cultures, activities, shopping, and dining. N0 Lease
kentucky.tel50%Geo24.8Kentucky ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
kilkenny.tel50%Geo0Kilkenny City Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
kim.tel0%Name20.9Kim first namePersonal 0
kingcity.tel0%Geo1king city businessesGeographic 0
kingston.tel0%Geo1kingston 0
kitchen.tel50%YP16.8Kitchen ServicesHouse & Home Y0 Lease
kitchener.tel0%Geo1kitchener 0
knk.tel75%Short0? 0
knock.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
kprobe.tel50%Service30KprobeBusiness Tel Services N0 Lease
ksv.tel75%Short0? 0
landscaper.tel50%Job15.7LandscaperLawn & Garden People Y0 Lease
landscaping.tel50%YP7.5Landscaping DirectoryServices House & Home Y0 Lease
laois.tel0%Geo0Laois Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business 0 Lease
lawncare.tel50%YP18.3A healthy lawn is the best defense against insect damage. Regular maintenance - mowing and morning watering will help keep your lawn strong and healthy.House & Home Y0 Lease
lawpractice.tel50%YP14.6Local Law PracticeLegal Y0 Lease
lcbo.tel25%YP36.1LcboRetail N0 Lease
ldn.tel50%Geo16.9London Identities Directory.Geographic 0 Lease
legalpot.tel0%Product20.4Legal MarijuanaServices 0 Lease
leitrim.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
lessons.tel50%Dictionary10.4Local Lessons Resource and Business Service IdentitiesPersonal Services Y0 Lease
libra.tel50%Community7.8Libra Zodiac IdentityPeople N0 Lease
lifeinsurance.tel0%YP6.3Life InsuranceFinance & Investment 0 Lease
limos.tel50%YP24.4limousine serviceAutomotive Services Y0 Lease
livechat.tel75%YP0? 0 Lease
liz.tel0%Name10.3Elizabeth first name LIZPeople Names Personal0
locked.tel50%Dictionary10Lock Services Directory.Services 0 Lease
locksmith.tel0%Service0? 0
longford.tel50%Geo0Longford Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
louisiana.tel50%Geo25.5Louisiana ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
louth.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
lucy.tel0%Name15.2Lucy Directory.Names 0
macauproperty.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
macaurealestate.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
magazine.tel50%Vanity0Magazine Identities and ServicesBusiness BusinessN0 Lease
mallow.tel50%Geo0Mallow Mobile DirectoryBusiness N0 Lease
mango.tel75%Vanity0? 0
manicures.tel50%YP17.7Local Manicures Services Personal Y0 Lease
mansion.tel75%YP0? 0
maria.tel0%Name15.6Maria Directory.Names 0
mark.tel0%Name19.9Mark Kolb personal placeholderNames 0
markham.tel0%Geo0? 0 Lease
martialarts.tel0%Service0? 0
massachusetts.tel0%Geo0? 0
maui.tel50%Geo26.9Maui Directory Resource N0 Lease
mayfair.tel50%Geo0? Y0
maynooth.tel50%Geo0Maynooth Mobile DirectoryBusiness N0 Lease
mayo.tel50%Geo0Mayo Mobile Phone DirectoryDirectory Business Y0 Lease
menswear.tel0%Service0? 0
menus.tel0%Dictionary7.3Restaurant MenusRetail 0
mexican.tel50%Community7.8Mexican Directory and Identities Y0 Lease
mexicocity.tel0%Geo9.8Mexico City Directory.Geographic 0 Lease
midland.tel50%Geo28.3midland ontario townGeographic N0 Lease
milton.tel0%Geo0? 0
minicab.tel75%Service0transport, services 0 Lease
mississippi.tel50%Geo27.8Mississippi ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
missouri.tel50%Geo28.5Missouri ResourcesGeographic Y0 Lease
mom.tel50%Vanity7.5Mothers resourceShopping 0 Lease
monaghan.tel50%Geo0Monaghan Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
monarch.tel75%Vanity0? 0
moncton.tel0%Geo0? 0
montreal.tel50%Geo10.6Montreal directoryGeographic 0 Lease
movers.tel0%Service6.3Directory of moving companiesServices 0
mullingar.tel50%Geo0Mullingar Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
munich.tel0%Geo0? 0
musicians.tel0%Job6.3MusiciansEntertainment 0
musiclessons.tel0%Service0? 0
naas.tel50%Geo0Naas Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
naples.tel0%Geo6.3NaplesGeo 0
navan.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
nb.tel50%Geo11.8New Brunswick DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
nearby.tel50%Slogan14.2Local services nearby Y0 Lease
nenagh.tel50%Geo0Nenagh Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
newark.tel0%Geo13.2NewarkGeo 0
newbridge.tel50%Geo0Newbridge Mobile DirectoryDirectory BusinessN0 Lease
newfoundland.tel50%Geo25.6newfoundlandGeographic N0 Lease
newhampshire.tel0%Geo0? 0
newlook.tel75%Service0? 0 Lease
newmarketontario.tel25%Community34.8Newmarket OntarioGeographic 0 Lease
newmexico.tel0%Geo0? 0
neworleans.tel50%Geo25.9New Orleans LouisianaGeographic 0 Lease
newry.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
nfc.tel50%Service16.5Near Field CommunicationsCommunications 0 Lease
nfld.tel0%Geo6.3Newfoundland resourcesGeographic Geographic 0 Lease
niagara.tel50%Geo31.2NiagaraGeographic N0 Lease
nj.tel0%Geo5.7NJ 0
nmkt.tel50%Geo30.2Newmarket Ontario IdentityGeographic N0 Lease
northdakota.tel0%Geo0? 0
northerncomfort.tel0%Service1Northern ComfortHouse & Home 0
novascotia.tel50%Geo11.1Nova ScotiaGeographic 0 Lease
nursery.tel75%Community0? 0
nyc.tel50%Geo26.9New York City IdentitiesDirectory 0 Lease
oahu.tel50%Geo28.9Oahu Directory and Business IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
oakridges.tel50%Geo27.5Community directory for Oakridges OntarioCommunity Directory GeographicN0 Lease
offaly.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
offers.tel0%Dictionary9888888888888888883Finance & Investment 0
oftalmologo.tel75%Job0? 0
oh.tel0%Geo5.7OHIO 0 lists businesses and services rated as OK by your local community.Ratings, Surveys Y0 Lease
orangeville.tel0%Geo28.4Orangeville OntarioGeographic 0 Lease
organics.tel0%Service1organics 0
oshawa.tel0%Geo1oshawa 0 Lease
oui.tel50%Slogan8Oui Oui Yes YesPersonal N0 Lease
packing.tel75%Service0? 0
painter.tel0%Job6.3PainterServices 0
parador.tel75%Service0? 0
parishhomeinspections.tel0%0Parish Home InspectionsHouse & Home Services 0
paving.tel0%Service10.4Paving DirectoryServices 0
paynow.tel50%Slogan17.2Near field paymentsCommunications Y0 Lease
pediatrician.tel50%Job6.3local pediatriciansMedical 0 Lease
perfum.tel75%Product0? 0
personaltrainer.tel50%YP20.3Personal TrainerSports & Fitness Health Y0 Lease
pests.tel50%Service23.2Pest control resourcesServices Y0 Lease
petcare.tel0%Service1pet care 0
peterborough.tel50%Geo29.7Peterborough Identities and DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
photo.tel50%YP20Photography resourcesRetail Y0 Lease
physician.tel50%Service8.6physician for saleMedical 0 Lease
physio.tel50%YP0Physiotherapists DirectoryHealth N0
pickering.tel0%Geo0? 0 Lease
pisces.tel50%Community9.7Pisces identitiesPersonal N0 Lease
pizzaaurora.tel0%Product0Aurora Pizza PlaceFood & Dining 0
pizzerias.tel75%YP0? 0
plot.tel75%Service0? 0
plumbing.tel0%Service10.5plumbing directoryServices 0 Lease
portlaoise.tel50%Geo0Portlaoise Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
portofspain.tel50%Geo29.5Port Of SpainTravel Geographic N0 Lease
privatetutor.tel50%Job25.8Private tutorEducation Services Y0 Lease
propiedades.tel75%Service0? 0
pts.tel75%Short0? 0
pub.tel50%YP9.8Pub DirectoryFood & Dining Y0 Lease
puertoboyaca.tel75%Geo0? 0
pwr.tel50%Service11.9Power URL brand shortenerCommunications Business N0 Lease
qiz.tel50%Service17.4Mobile QuizzesEntertainment Games N0 Lease
qz.tel50%Short13Mobile Quizzes N0 Lease
radiographer.tel75%Job0? 0
recruiters.tel0%Job6.3Recruiters directoryJobs & Employment 0 Lease
regina.tel50%Geo27.9Regina Directory and IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
renos.tel50%YP17.6RenosServices ConstructionY0 Lease
repairs.tel50%YP9.9Local RepairsServices Y0 Lease
restaurante.tel75%Service0restaurante N0 Lease
rhodeisland.tel0%Geo0? 0
richmondhill.tel50%Geo32.1Richmond HillGeographic N0 Lease
rio.tel50%Geo9.6Rio De JaneiroGeographic 0 Lease
roofs.tel50%YP28.7roofing contractorsServices Construction Y0 Lease
roscommon.tel50%Geo0? N0 Lease
rrsp.tel0%Service21.9RRSP ResourcesFinance & Investment 0 Lease
safari.tel0%Service0? 0
sagittarius.tel50%Community9Sagittarius IdentitiesPeople N0 Lease
salons.tel0%Service6.6Salons directoryRetail 0
santas.tel50%Job22.1SantasNames People Y0 Lease
sarnia.tel50%Geo27.5Sarnia Directory and IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
saskatchewan.tel50%Geo26.6Saskatchewan Directory and IdentitiesGeographic 0 Lease
scorpio.tel50%Community9Scorpio identitiesPersonal N0 Lease
seafood.tel75%YP0? Y0 Lease
securityalarms.tel50%YP14.2Security AlarmsProducts Y0 Lease
securitycameras.tel50%YP23.5SecuritycamerasProducts Y0 Lease
securitysystems.tel50%YP8Security SystemsServices Y0 Lease
seoexpert.tel50%YP6.6SEO expertsComputers Business CommunicationsY0 Lease
sf.tel50%Geo22.1Sanfranciso identitiesGeographic 0 Lease
shao.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
sharon.tel0%Name10.6? 0
shipments.tel50%YP11.3local and global shipping Services Y0 Lease
shoe.tel50%YP14.1Shoe Resources and Services Directory Y0 Lease
shoes.tel0%YP16.1Local Shoe StoresShopping 0 Lease
shoppers.tel50%Community10.8Shoppers resource Y0 Lease
shuo.tel0%Vanity0best email addressCommunications 0 Lease
signs.tel50%YP22.4signs resourcesCorporate/Company Site Services Y0 Lease
snowremoval.tel50%YP21.4Local Snow Removal Services and Snow Plowing Contractors Y0 Lease
sogamoso.tel75%Geo0? 0
solarenergy.tel75%YP0? 0
sold.tel50%Slogan15.1Sold Real Estate BrandReal Estate Y0 Lease
solicitor.tel75%YP0? 0 Lease
solutions.tel50%Dictionary27.1.Tel SMB solutionsServices Y0
southdakota.tel0%Geo0? 0
sqs.tel75%Short0? 0
ssd.tel75%Short0? 0
stcatharines.tel50%Geo29.3St Catharines Ontario Directory and IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
stjohns.tel0%Geo6.6St John's NfldGeographic 0 Lease
stouffville.tel0%Geo0? 0 Lease
students.tel50%Name13.5student resourcesEducation Y0 Lease
sushi.tel0%Service0? 0
swimmingpools.tel50%YP7.7Swimming Pools Directory.House & Home Y0 Lease
swords.tel50%Dictionary0? N0 Lease
talent.tel50%YP15.6Talent Directory and Resources. Y0 Lease
tattoo.tel0%Service7TattoosShopping 0
taurus.tel50%Community7.8Taurus Zodiac IdentityPersonal N0 Lease
taxlawyer.tel50%Job10.4Tax LawyerProfessional Finance & Investment Y0 Lease
taxplanner.tel50%YP17.5Tax PlannerFinance & Investment Y0 Lease
teachers.tel50%Job13.6teachers.telEducation Y0 Lease
telaviv.tel0%Geo26.9Telaviv Directory.Geographic 0 Lease
telmasters.tel50%Product27TelmastersBusiness Tel Services N0 Lease
tennessee.tel50%Geo25.8Tennessee ResourcesGeographic 0 Lease
terrenos.tel75%Service0? 0
thebeerstore.tel50%YP29.1The Beer StoreFood & Dining N0 Lease
therapy.tel0%Service1therapy 0
thurles.tel50%Geo0Thurles Mobile DirectoryDirectory N0
tkt.tel50%YP12.6Traffic TicketsServices Y0 Lease
tnt.tel50%Geo27.8Trinidad and Tobago Directory and IdentitiesGeographic N0 Lease
tobago.tel50%Geo27.1TobagoGeographic N0 Lease
toronto.tel0%Geo21.2Toronto directory and identitiesGeographic 0 Lease
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trini.tel50%Community12.7TriniGeographic People N0 Lease
trinidad-tobago.tel50%Geo13.9Trinidad-tobagoGeographic N0 Lease
trinidad.tel0%Geo0? 0
tsi.tel75%Short0? 0
ttjobs.tel50%Geo17.2TtjobsJobs & Employment Geographic N0 Lease
tullamore.tel50%Geo0Tullamore Mobile DirectoryDirectory Business N0 Lease
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viajar.tel75%YP0? 0
villa.tel75%0? N0 Lease
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wa.tel0%Geo5.7WASH 0
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webdeveloper.tel0%Service0? 0
weddingphotographer.tel0%Service0? 0
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westvirginia.tel0%Geo0? 0
wexford.tel50%Geo0?Directory N0 Lease
whisky.tel0%Product0? Y0 Lease
whitehorse.tel50%Geo9.7Whitehorse DirectoryGeographic 0 Lease
wi.tel50%Geo11.3WI last name, wisconsionNames N0 Lease
windsor.tel0%Geo1windsor 0
winnipeg.tel0%Geo1winnipeg 0
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wyoming.tel0%Geo0? 0
xe.tel50%Community19.2XE XE XEXE XE XEXE XE XESocial 0 Lease
yoga.tel0%Service6.6Yoga directory and identitiesHealth 0
yorkregion.tel50%Geo30.1York Region CommunityGeographic Directory N0 Lease
yorkville.tel50%Geo36.7YorkvilleGeographic N0 Lease
yrk.tel50%Geo13.9York Region Mobile-Friendly Community Identity and DirectoryGeographic N0 Lease
yukon.tel50%Geo27.4Yukon CanadaGeographic N0 Lease
zigee.tel0%Product1Zigee Phone SystemProducts 0

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